Victoria BC Neighbourhoods Guide

Welcome to Victoria! Greater Victoria, or the Capital Region District, is divided into 13 distinct municipalities. Each with their own mayors, councils, bylaws, zoning and unique characteristics. Each municipality is further divided into distinct neighbourhoods. This handy chart will show you each one, what lifestyle to expect and what to look when choosing a municipality or neighbourhood of Victoria to live.

Victoria Map

Meet our 13 Municipalities

If you are moving to Victoria, due diligence on everything from if secondary suites are legal or have restrictions, Airbnbs (Short Term Accommodation), schools, garbage and recycling pickup and yes, even how many chickens you can keep is determined by local bylaws. Every municipality is different!

MunicipalityPopulation (2023)Suites Allowed?Garbage & Recycling?Chickens Allowed?
Central Saanich17000Yes, except Dean ParkNo, privateYes
Colwood16500YesNo, privateHens only*
Esquimalt18000YesYes7 Hens Max
Highlands2500YesNoNo limit
Langford5000YesNo, privateUp to 4 Hens
Metchosin5000YesNo, privateNo limit
North Saanich12000YesNoHens only
Oak Bay18000Yes, with restrictionsYesHens Only
Saanich120000Yes, except BroadmeadYesHens Only
Sidney12000YesYesNot allowed
Sooke13000YesYesYes, no limits
Victoria86000YesYesHens only, 15 max
View Royal11000YesYes4 Hens Max