Victoria Renovation Costs Guide

Are you considering a renovation or remodel of your home in Victoria, BC? From kitchens to bathrooms to new flooring. This handy guide will give you an estimate of what a renovation costs. All prices are sourced from my clients, social media forums and talking to local Victoria contractors. Please note there is a large variation in prices depending on the process and materials involved.  I broke the prices down into 3 categories, from simple cosmetic updates you can do on a budget to complete high-end rebuilds. This list should be used as a rough estimate only for your renovation project.

Last updated, January 2023.

Low PriceMedium PriceHigh Price


Under $10,000
Re-paint existing cabinets, new handles and door hardware, new sink and faucet, new lighting, new appliances.
New IKEA cabinets, quartz counters, appliances, fixtures.
Complete rebuild with high end appliances, wine fridge, granite counters, new flooring.


New vanity & sink combo, new toilet, paint.
New flooring, new vanity, sink, lights, mirror, toilet.
New walk in shower, new bathtub, heated floors, double sinks.


$3-5 per square foot
Floating flooring, Home Depot specials, DIY
$5-10 sq ft installed
Quality vinyl planks or laminate.
$10-$20+ sq ft
Hardwood, engineered hardwood, tile


A small one bedroom condo
A 2000 square foot home.
A large home.


Removal of one small non-loading bearing wall. New drywall and paint.
More walls and structure removal, electrical and plumbing
Extensive structural work, load bearing walls, beams, roof.

New roof

A simple, low pitch roof with minimal work to remove existing one.
A typical sized asphalt roof, medium pitch.
A new metal roof or a complex/steep pitch roof.


$300 per window
A self-installed vinyl window from Home Depot
$500-1000 per window
Professional installation
$2000 per window
Cutting new windows into the wall, high end triple pane.

EV Charger

Depending on existing connections

Heat Pump

$4000-6000 Single Mini-split installed$12,000
New Heat Pump
Heat Pump, Air Handler and Duct Work

Other factors to consider when rennovating:

  • Will you hire a general contractor? As a general rule of thumb, GCs charge 10-20% of the total cost of the renovation. However, a good GC can save you this cost easily if he or she has the right connections and coordinates the job efficiently.
  • Are you able to do any of the work yourself? Consider saving money by doing the demolition and clean up yourself. A pickup truck load out to Hartland is $30. If you hire someone they will charge $200 for the load.
  • Paint yourself. Paint is relatively cheap and you can buy the materials needed to paint a home for $500-$1000. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling first!
  • Shop for deals on light fixtures from Costco and Home Depot. You pay a huge premium for a showroom style fixture store and for the plumber to purchase them on your behalf.
  • Trim work and laminate flooring is relatively easy to install with the right tools and Youtube videos. In Victoria Saanich Rentals and Home Depot both have tools available.
  • Expect the unexpected. The scope of a renovation has a tendency to change on its own. If you are opening up any walls in an older home, new BC building code requires you to address any non-compliant deficiencies you find.