Victoria Coming Soon Listings

Are you tired of great homes disappearing before you even have a chance to view them? Have you ever wondered how some listings seem to already have accepted offers the second they hit the market?

How it works:

  • Many Realtors do pre-marketing before they list a home publicly. This includes Facebook Groups, mailing listings, word-of-mouth and other industry channels.
  • Sellers often prefer Coming Soon Listings as it gives them a chance to generate more buzz, and also test pricing without having the days-on-market recorded with a public listing.
  • I have created a system that scans all these channels and automatically delivers these listings daily to you.

I give my buyers every advantage possible.

Coming Soon Listings allow you to preview, and even write offers, on homes before the public even has a chance to view them.

This can help you avoid multiple offers and rushed decisions.

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