November 27, 2016

Pre-Sale Condo Cashback

For new clients I am pleased to offer 50% of my commission cashback on all Pre-Sale Condo Purchases.

When you walk into a showroom and purchase a pre-sale unit directly the developer doesn’t pay a buyer’s REALTOR® commission. When you purchase with a REALTOR®, the developer pays a commission, which varies, but can be 3% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance.* On a $350,000 condo, that can be over $6700. Use my services and I will write you a cheque for 50% of that amount 30 days after closing. I have over 10 years experience buying, sell and investing in Victoria real estate and there is no compromise in service for getting the cashback. In fact I specialize in pre-sale condos and forge relationships with developers to get my clients in the door before the public. For more details on Victoria Presales visit our main site.

For example:
You receive $3000 cashback on a $300,000 condo
You receive $3700 cashback on a $400,000 condo.
You receive $4500 cashback on a $600,000 condo.
victoria presale cashback

victoria presale cashback

*There is no standard real estate commission in Victoria. This is not an offering for sale. Cashback does not apply to existing transactions or existing clients.

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